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"Passion in Construction"


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Alfredo S. Caritativo

Dong who is the President of ASCKonstruct Corp. has more than 25 years experience in the field of construction from residential, commercial, public buildings, interior fit-out and warehouses. Beside his varied construction and management skills, his expertise covers construction management, construction feasibilities and building economics.

Dong is known among many clients and local professionals to be very particular with the aesthetic value and quality finishing of each project, making sure that the end result and clients satisfaction is the paramount concern.  Dong’s architectural construction experience also covers high-end residential projects,  luxury townhouses and BPOs.  Dong brings to each project a significant depth of commitment and satisfaction to all clients as his guiding principle is to make sure that every project is distinctive and very successful.  He has maintained clients for many years even doing projects for two generations of client-families, their relatives and friends.  This is in fact the reward that ASCKonstruct corp. value most… on constructing successful projects for the same clients and their families and friends for more than two decade and counting.


Louise Gabriel Caritativo

Louise who is the Vice President for Operations of ASCKonstruct corp. has an extensive background in the field of Architectural design.  Before joining his dad in this Company, his stint with international Architectural company WTA combined with his own design firm LGC & Associates, has exposed him with varied types of\ Projects from Residential, Commercial and public buildings.

His modern design concepts and philosophies injects new design approaches to the company that is most adapting to the latest tends and techniques suitable for the latest design requirements from clients.  His design approaches is backed by his extensive research trips from China, Singapore, Hong Kong and  USA.


Jeffrey S. Lagman

Jeff who is the Vice President for Project Development of ASCKonstruct Corp., has more than two decades of professional experience that covers the full range of architectural endeavor and responsibility, including design, construction and operations management, human resources, CAD and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)


His portfolio of architectural and interior design work encompasses a diversity of hospitality, commercial, retail, corporate and residential assignments throughout the Asia-Pacific rim. With travels and practice throughout Asia, Australia and the US, his culturally responsive managerial style and client liaison skills are highlighted in a resume of completed projects that includes corporate structures, hotels, and resorts in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Honkong, Myanmar and the Philippines.


Henry William Narvas

Senior Project Engineer, ASCKonstruct Corp.

Henry, a registered Civil Engineer is in charge of all the Engineering aspects of ASCKonstruct corp.

A soft-spoken engineer, yet very meticulous in the quality and system of work which gave him a reputation in the construction sites of being strict and precised. He focuses not only on the technical requirements of each project but also on the aesthetic values which is governed by his high standard of finishing works.

A great competitor in bridge and technical designs during his college days have trained Henry to be very precised in the compliance of the actual construction on the set designs thus meeting always the clients’ satisfaction and usual commendations.





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